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Our June 23-24, 2019 Auction Realises US$3.8 Million

This compact two day auction, which followed the highly successful China International Stamp Exhibition in Wuhan, brought a total of HK$29,804,895 (US$3,819,252; including the 15% buyer's premium). There was marked interest throughout, with the China Large Dragons continuing to lead the market with outstanding realisations for exceptional items. The unique complete sheet of the 5 candarins essay with extra circle and trial perforation was fiercely competed for, finishing at HK$4,140,000 against a presale estimate of HK$2,000,000. The finer of the two recorded essays of the 5 candarins in rose with extra circle brought HK$667,000. An 1885 envelope from Chefoo to London via the French Post Office in Shanghai bearing thick paper 1ca. horizontal strip of four and 5ca. realised HK$ 690,000, and the 1887 mixed issue franking envelope from Chinkiang to Denmark bearing Large Dragons 1ca. and 5ca. with Small Dragons 3ca. ended at HK$1,380,000. Among the other issues, the 1894 Dowager Empress Birthday 24ca. vertical imperforate between pair unused realised HK$ 287,500, while the set of the second printing in marginal blocks of four (ex Sir Percival David and the Beckemans) with brown gum brought HK$368,000. An underpaid and taxed 1898 1c. postal stationery card from Hankow to London bearing Red Revenue large figures surcharge 2c. on 3c. in combination with Hong Kong 2c. was HK$230,000. The remarkable group of eight 1942 Dr. Sun Yat-sen London printing die proofs in black fetched more than three times the presale estimate with an aggregate total realisation of HK$626,500 against the HK$200,000 estimate. The postal history saw the Dr. Willis Clark Noble missionary correspondence between the U.S.A. and Paoting during 1894-99, which was divided into almost fifty lots, surpass the HK$233,600 presale estimate with a HK$598,230 realisation.

The People's Republic of China saw good realisations among the Cultural Revolution issues, with the 1967 Poems of Chairman Mao in unmounted mint blocks of four fetching HK$184,000, a complete mint sheet of the 1968 Chairman Mao Goes to Anyuan 8f. bringing HK$86,250, and a repaired example of the 1968 "Whole Country is Red" 8f. used finishing at HK$310,500.

The Hong Kong featured the definitive study of Revenues and Postal Fiscals formed by Philippe Orsetti, the foremost authority on this subject. The collection attracted strong competition, which yieldied a total of HK$486,220, and prompted the following reaction from Philippe : "I am amazed at the realizations you were able to obtain, putting the HK revenues on the map and provide an excellent reference standard for the future. Thank you for the lotting excellence, which is the key, and the auction handling." The second part of the collection of Macau first offered in our December 2018 auction again saw strong competition, particularly among the outstanding section of Specimen overprints. For example, the 1887 Don Luis I 5r. to 300r. with four different types of overprints realised HK$106,950 against an estimate of HK$23,000. The 1981 Camoes Anniversary unissued 10a. to 3p. inscribed "Portugal" in blocks of four brought HK$115,000.

All realisations include the 15% buyer's premium.


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